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Limpid Technologies is completely dedicated for high-tech Security, LED lighting and Energy sectors with recognized expertise in the development and application of innovative solutions. We have pioneered many of the key breakthroughs in the market and our prime product all over, laying the basis for our current strength and ensuring we are going to be a well-placed leader in the market segment.

By bringing together – people and innovation – we create the next generation of technology and solutions that people truly want and need. We have some meaningful and useful innovation that will help people to come close to the technology and get the best out of it. Our Transparency and innovative solutions sets us apart and makes us to win people’s Trust.

We are growing fast in the form of geographical expansion of our products and solutions. We are now in the verge to start several projects with few countries in Africa .Apart from that we are soon planning to expand our presence in Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Fiji and Australia.

SECURUTY SOLUTIONS: We are committed to provide safety to customers by continuously developing and delivering / offering new technologies, solutions and delightful services, by abiding all its commitments to customers. We ensure the security of the wellbeing by provide latest and affordable CCTV Surveillance, Fire control system, Access Control System, Video door phone and other electronic security devices.

LED LIGHTING: We have a core team in place with relevant expertise in Lighting Solutions. We have a unique solution with the continued ability to provide the best quality product to our valued customers. We address our customer needs by providing the best customized solutions available. We have a clearly articulated product portfolio, especially designed as per the local condition.

We address people’s lighting needs across a full range of market segments. Indoors, we offer lighting solutions for homes, shops, offices, schools, hotels, factories and hospitals. Outdoors, we offer solutions for roads (street lighting and parking lights) and for public spaces, residential areas and sports arenas. In addition, we address the desire for light-inspired experiences through architectural projects.

ENERGY SOLUTIONS: We have associated with world’s premier multi-diverse technology Groups having forte in multifarious verticals such as Solar Energy, wind Energy and Hydro Energy to provide the best of art technology in affordable prices to our customers.


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