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Intelligent lighting control systems from Limpid are designed to give you a level of command and innovation that goes far beyond the ability to easily adjust the lights in your home, Office and other places. In addition to Limpid's proprietary lighting control systems, we have partnered with the leading manufacturers of lighting systems through OEM or Licensee. Their lighting products are seamlessly integrated within a Limpid’s home automation and control environment.

Configure specific intelligent lighting to go on at sunset and off at daybreak.
Sensor Based Lighting Solutions
With one touch initiate a “Goodnight” scene to deactivate all interior lights as exterior floodlighting is turned on.
Auto Flood Light on off Sensors
Remotely monitor and adjust home lighting control status throughout the house while away from home using your iPhone®, iPod touch® or Android.
Application based Lighting System
Automated lighting control integrates with motion sensors to dim or turn off lights when a room is unoccupied.
Intelligent Hotel Lighting
Intelligent lighting System with wireless controller for theme generation and dimmer control for Museums.
Marvellous Musium Lighting
Sensor based lighting Solutions for auto on-off street lights with remote control.
Sensor based intelligent Street Lighting
Auto off lighting system with Motion Sensors.
Auto off system with Motion Sensor
Compact touch screen light Controller with wide range of light control features.
Compact Touch Sreen Switcher
Recently invented platform based movable Robotic Lighting system is a change to conventional fixed lighting System.
Kawamoto kens Robotic Home Light
Lighting Control through Computer, Smart phones with wide application and control.
DMX Controller
DMX Controller software for iOS, Windows and Linux to control cluster of LED Lights.
Lighting Control
High-tech Motion sensors allow the LED lighting system to activate when movement is there.
Motion Sensors for LED Lighting
Security Solutions

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