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Thank you for showing your interest in starting of a new relationship with worlds one of the fastest growing business ventures of the decade. We are committed to grow fast by putting all our enthusiasm, efforts and caliber to deliver excellence in the terms of business performance.

We at Limpid facilitate and offer the most common forms of franchising in INDIA, BANGLADESH, SRILANKA, THAILAND, VIETNAM, AFRICA & AUSTRALIA. As per our true business format the franchise occurs when Limpid Technologies (the franchisor) grants a license to another person or business (the franchisee) to use their business idea - often in a specific geographical area.

The franchisee sells Limpids's product or services, trades under Limpid's trade mark or trade name, Partners Products and Marketing benefits from Limpid's help and support. In return, the franchisee usually pays an initial fee to Limpid and then a specific percentage of the sales revenue.

In specific forms of franchise Limpid will own the Office and Staff of the Franchise. Further Limpid keeps control over how products are marketed and sold and how their business idea is used.

Limpid’s Franchise arrangement:

  1. Distributorship and dealership – Our relationship will allow the Franchise to Sell/Trade the products in Limpid’s product line/Associate supplier’s product line under Limpid’s name and Style. The franchise will be providing freedom over how to run the business. (Download Form No.16-A , Fill and Send it back for more Information)
  2. Agency – Limpid allow the franchise to sell goods or services on behalf of the Limpid/Associate Suppliers. (Download Form No.11-F, Fill and Send it back for more Information]
  3. Licensee – Limpid shall provide a license to make and sell Limpid's product. There are usually no extra restrictions on how you run your business. (Download Form No.14-A-, Fill and Send it back for more Information]
  4. Partner – Our relationship will allow the franchise as a partner of the business operation. In a specific geographical area the format will allow the franchise to run the business with full involvement with guidelines and strategies to achieve the Vision, Mission and Goals of the Organization. The franchise will pays an initial fee to Limpid and then a specific percentage of the sales revenue will distributed as agreed up on according to the standard norms of the Organization. (Download Form No.7-A-, Fill and Send it back for more Information]

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