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Limpid Technologies Welcomes You

Congratulations for being a partner in one of the fastest growing innovative technology business group in the world. As we committed to provide Green and Sustainable electronic and Security Products and solutions, we delivered the same to our customers at par. We are now considered as one of the most promising ventures of the decade.

Company’s Operations

Despite a very competitive and challenging environment, the overall performance of Company is Promising. With appropriate strategies and their effective implementation, your Company is well on Course to improve its performance. We believe that the actions of the Company are suitable and deal with the business challenges as we see them today; but flexibility in this uncertain economy is crucial.

Your Company has been continuously focusing on all round cost reduction in different areas of operations to achieve savings and gains that has significantly contributed to the above performance. Continued focus on providing the high quality, world class products, flexibility and Agility are perceived as the mantras of your Company to win in a competitive environment.


Despite the somewhat unstable economic conditions, your Company is optimistic about the business prospects and about its capabilities to leverage them for the benefit of your Company. As we look to the future and sticking to our Mission- 2020, we believe that we will be operating in a demanding and challenging environment. To remain competitive in the challenging and demanding environment, the benchmark has to be high in anticipation of the stated and unstated need of the customers and markets.

Your company will continue to build on its strengths through strong systems and processes, competitiveness, Global brand, ability to adapt to changes quickly and Customer Engagement. Your Company’s ability to work with partners helps in strengthening the relationship with its customers to ensure the opportunity to collaborate on future projects. The overall trend is encouraging, but remaining competitive in this competitive environment would be a tough challenge. I believe however, that the combination of low manufacturing costs along with quality systems has positioned our Company well in terms of pricing and quality. Knowledge, specialization, innovation and networking will determine the success of the Company in this environment.

Business Prospects

The Renewable Energy, Lighting and Security industries are now becoming world's strongest Fast Moving Electronic Goods [FMEG] sector with tremendous growth potential. This industry is a crucial segment of the economy and has potential to develop as one of the major players in the world. In spite of the tough market conditions, the prospects of world’s Energy, LED Lighting and Security Industries are bright. I believe our upbeat initiatives and balanced implementation of our strategy will allow us to continue to grow the Company. The overall strategy of your Company will be driven by its strengths and competencies.

We are growing fast in the form of geographical expansion of our products and solutions. We are now in the verge to start several projects with few countries in Africa .Apart from that we are soon planning to expand our presence in Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Fiji and Australia.

Team Limpid is in the process to introduce a number of GenX Energy, LED and Security products very soon. Limpid Technologies has also planned to establish few semiconductor fabrication and manufacturing facility in India by 2017-2020.

We are expecting a stronger year ahead. The Company will endeavor to rejuvenate in near future as Energy Generation Products and LED Lighting demand increases all over the world. The overall strategy of your Company will be driven by its strengths and competencies.

Thanks for your support:

We will take this opportunity to convey our appreciation to our Partners & Customers for reposing their faith in us, employees and Team Limpid whom we recognize as our core asset for their enthusiasm, unstinted devotion, Co- operation and commitment towards the quest of excellence, our Members of the Board for their valuable guidance and continuous support; management team for efficiently steering the company’s resources and you, our shareholders for your continued support to the endeavors of the company.

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