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Limpid Fire Services is engaged in 360 degree fire solutions and supplying of an optimum quality range of Fire Prevention, Protection & Fire Fighting Systems that is integrated with specialized features. Designed in accordance with international fire safety standards, our range can easily combat fire of types A, B & C, which is caused due to flammable liquids and objects.

Conventional fire alarm system for Buildings, Apartments, Factories and other places for alert siren.
Conventional Fire Alarm
Intelligent fire alarm system for Hotels, Airports, Factories, Government Offices for complete security and alert.
Intelligent Fire Alarm
Voice evacuation system for Security announcement with an unparalleled workability.
Voice Evacuation System
Automatic and Sensor based Smoke detectors, Water dispenser along with automatic Fire Alarm System
Fire Alarm with Smoke sensors
ABC or Multi-Purpose extinguishers comprise of a special fluidized and siliconized mono ammonium phosphate dry chemical.
A,B,C Type Fire Extinguishers
Co2 liquefied gas Extinguisher to fight B and C class of fires for data processing centers, labs, telecommunication rooms, food storage and processing areas etc.
CO2 Fire Extinguishers
Dry Power Fire Extinguishers for B,C fires by forming a cloud and cutting off the oxygen supply effectively.
Dry Powder Fire Estinguisher
Water Mist system creates a narrow distribution of ultrafine water mist, foam or CAFS using specialty nozzles.
Water Mist fire Extinguishers
Automatic Detection and Suppression System, Automatic round-the-clock protection, Non-Freezing & long lasting Fire safety.
Modular Automatic Fire Control System
The pneumatic mechanism then triggers the valve of the extinguisher and sprays the agent out directly into the fire, thus dousing the fire quicker than any other technique on the market.
Fire supression valves
63mm Single outlet Landing Valve as per IS:5290 Type A, ISI Marked, having 75mm NB inlet & 63mm Female Inst. Outlet .
Hydrant Valves Fire Control System
At temperature of 67 Deg. C, the tubing bursts at it hottest point (which is nearest to the most vulnerable part of the fire), thus forming a nozzle for complete safety.
Fire supression System
Security Solutions

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