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Limpid is committed to bring power from the abundant source of energy, Sun and avail it to the people in the most cost effective and efficient way possible.

The earth need various energy which environmentally pleasant and doesn’t give unfavorable results for the environment. Photo voltaic energy is likely one of the most preferred various energy which is free and available in plenty. All we want is information and sufficient info to vary the warmth of the solar into energy system which could be useful for every day needs.

Backed by potential manufacturers and partners Limpid has emerged as a supplier of large-scale power plants and its reputation as a reliable partner in the energy sector, Limpid has developed comprehensive answers to the challenges in the growing market. Today, Limpid is a one-stop supplier for all key components of Solar Power plants.

Limpid’s improved photovoltaic Panels with high efficiency and optimized cost structure while maintaining the best Quality.
Solar Panels
Solar Street Lights that is available with LED’s and CFL's and Sodium Vapor for all types of weather conditions.
Solar Street Lights
High-tech Solar Water Heaters for Homes, factories and other commercial & institutional establishments with significant energy savings.
Solar Water Heaters
Designed to generate renewable electricity through conventional turbines by hot steam reduced by solar plants.
Solar Energy Generation Plant

Product Features

25 years Warranty
on panels.
Standard Products
Risk of failure
< 0.07%
Reliability under extreme whether condition


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