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Our sole intention lies in providing Energy, Lighting, Security & Automation solutions that will change the whole experience towards the luxury and safety of to various Industries. Team Limpid conducts unprecedented study over the various ways of Energy, Lighting, Security & Automation solutions can be provided. Limpid designs and manufactures are packed with International standard and reliability. Our MR and Quality testing team is knowledgeable and updated to every threshold specification and safety compliance for the consumer use and to provide best.

We provide Complete Security and Lighting Solutions for Residential Buildings, Home and Bungalows.
Residential Buildings
Unmatched Security and Hi powered Lighting Solutions for Educational Institutions.
Educational Institutions
Security, Lighting and Access control Solutions for corporate enterprises.
Corporate Enterprise
Standard Lighting solutions with 95% CRI and Security solutions for Hospitals and Healthcare Units.
Health Care Industry
High tech CCTV Security and Decorative lighting solution for Hotels and Restaurants.
Hospitality Industy
Various kinds of interactive lighting, Elevators and CCTV Security solutions for Shopping Malls and Shopping Arcades.
Retail Industry
Automation & Lighting solution for Storage Spaces and Warehouses.
Storage Industry
Multi functional CCTV Security, LED lighting and Automation solutions for Manufacturing Facilities and Factories.
Manufacturing Industry
All types of Security, LED Lighting, Automation and Solar Energy solutions for Private Construction Companies.
Private Projects
Limpid’s Highly sophisticated Renewable Energy, CCTV Security, and LED Lighting Solutions for Government Projects.
Government Projects
Limpid’s High-tech CCTV surveillance, Elevation, Freight handling, LED Lighting and Automation Solutions for Seaports and Airports.
Airports and Seaports
Words most advanced innovative combination of Security, Lighting and Energy solution for R&D Centers.
R&D Projects
Security Solutions

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