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We are working on technologies that make our customer more competitive while minimizing the environmental impact. We strive to balance Economic, Environmental and social objective and integrate them into our daily business decision to develop best Electronic and Power Automation for our Valued Customers. Our Strategy is to be focused on the organic growth, with an eye to build our customer’s capacity.

Highly sophisticated and safe elevators with multifunctional sensors developed by leading manufacturers of the world.
World’s most advanced hi-tech Escalators with high energy efficiency and Zero Energy wastage features.
Highly efficient Moving walks with Hi-grade, highest Safety Standards and low ware-and –tear components.
Moving Walks
Access Control System for Gates, Cars, Factories, Platforms, Metro-stations, Railway Stations, Malls, Offices, Etc.
Access Control
Incredibly efficient and designed with cluster of Sensors to detect metal or explosive at Par.
Metal Detectors
The Vehicle Scanner for complete safety stuffed with unmatchable military technology.
Vehicle Scanner
The excellent Robotic system designed with marvelous Engineering to excel in parking the Car.
Robotic Parking Systems
The Fire fighting system having highest possible capability to control the fire flames with sensor based Robotic technology.
Robotic Firefighting System
Robotic factory Automation for efficient, un-interrupted and continuous production for manufacturing Companies.
Factory Automation
Efficient and Hi-tech material handling robotic machines for material handling and processing.
Material Handling
Quality and Quantity at par with Robotic production System for highest degree of efficiency.
Robot Integrated Production
Container handling with time efficiency by Limpid Container handling Systems for Seaports and Airports.
Robotic Container Handling
Security Solutions

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LED Lighting

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