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Limpid offers solutions in Small-Hydro Power while also paving new ways to generate power by introducing newest technology available.

In order to realize the full potential of small hydropower plants, the whole value chain from water to wire has to work efficiently. This requires a high degree of coordination. Limpid Technologies that serves the entire energy conversion chain with products, solutions, and services.

We are renowned for our technical expertise and have long term experience in providing innovative technologies. As solution provider, we always present one face to our customer for the entire project. After completion, Limpid offers an extensive local support network in order to ensure the high availability of maintenance and other services. By doing so, we offer a highest degree of operational safety and efficiency.

Turbines are very crucial components for small hydropower plants, as they finally turn water into energy. As an independent turbine supplier Limpid can choose between various leading turbine manufacturers, in order to get the best solution for each individual power plant. Due to our high degree of independence we have the capability to integrate turbines from different producers in one plant, if necessary. In doing so, Limpid always focuses on the goal to maximize efficiency, which transfers into high profitability for our clients.

Highly cost efficient Hydro power solutions with specific requirement for customized projects. Range 100 KW to 30 MW.
Diversion Hydro Power
Customized Solution for Cost effective High-tech light turbines for excellent Performance. Range 100 KW to 5 MW
Pump Storage Hydro Power
Integrated high-tech micro hydro energy generation plant with the turn key solutions for customer .Range 100 KW to 5 MW
Micro Hydro Power Plants
Customized Hydro power solutions according to the geographical and environmental situation.
Customized Hydro Power Plant
Mini Hydro Turbines Medium-voltage switchgear sand Excitation devices, voltage and efficiency factor regulators.
Mini Hydro Turbine
Micro Hydro Power Wheel with Integrated Flow Control System and Speed regulator.
Micro Hydro Power Wheel

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